In the picturesque setting and the volcanic soils of Maungatapere mountain in Northland New Zealand, we started out with a small avocado orchard. It was a retirement project for Dad until the neighbouring avocado orchard was put up for sale and we dove in boots and all. The acquisition doubled our avocado production so along came Fiona (my sister) and her family (the Tribe) to give Dad a hand. It became a true family operation!

Not one for sitting still (and practically useless when it comes to operating machinery as well as being miles away in Auckland) I decided to turn my hand to crafting an avocado oil with all the health benefits of eating an actual avocado. With the help of one of New Zealand's leading avocado processing facilities we came up with AvoHaven, a cold-pressed oil made from 100% New Zealand grown avocado fruit grown right here in our orchard.

We start with our best home grown Hass avocados, ripened to the perfect level of ripeness (because the end result is only as good as the quality of ingredients) and using the most advanced oil producing methods we have created (what we think is) the perfect avocado oil.

Most of our avocados are exported (sharing a little bit of New Zealand with the world) however we hold back just enough to produce the most amazing heart healthy culinary oil.

Thanks to all our friends and family who help out with everything from picking to packing, to bottling to markets and everything else in between and a very special thank you to YOU for supporting our small family business!


We know you will love the oils just as much as we do.